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Our  Story: From Passion to Purpose with Team Canadian Lions

What began as a casual gathering of 10-15 sports enthusiasts, driven by a shared curiosity for Kerala's traditional sport of 'Vadamvali' (Tug of War), blossomed into the formation of Team Canadian Lions in 2017. Transitioning from a year of learning and acquiring skills in the trade, we officially registered as 'Team Canadian Lions Sports Club' in 2019. Today, boasting over 200 active members, our club has become a cornerstone of Ontario's Malayali community, embracing a diverse range of sporting interests.

From modest origins, we've evolved into a formidable force, dedicated to both physical wellness and enriching the socio-cultural fabric of our community. Whether it's Vadamvali (Tug of War), Badminton, Vallamkali (Boat Race), Soccer, Volleyball, or Cricket, Team Canadian Lions (TCL) eagerly participates in a multitude of sports, representing our strength and valor across North America in both male and female categories.


But our journey extends beyond the playing field. We've fostered connections through summer picnics, vibrant Onam and Christmas celebrations, and rallied together during times of crisis. From fundraising for Kerala's flood victims to supporting newcomers and international students during the Covid-19 pandemic through food drives, TCL stands as a beacon of solidarity and service. Together, we continue to embody the spirit of community and camaraderie, united under the banner of Team Canadian Lions."

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