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Tug of war

Vadamvali (Tug of War) is a sport that portrays the strength and unity of a team. It is played with great enthusiasm and competitiveness in Kerala, India. The migrant malayalees carried this great legacy sport in their heart and brought it to the land of Canada. Its not just a sport, it is a passion for us. It has the most sentimental value for our community and we foresee the competitions with that spirit.

Since 2017 Team Canadian Lions have been actively participating in competitions conducted by various Malayalee associations in Canada and USA. The team has won several titles in both national and international competitions.


Vallam kali (Boat Race)

To recreate the prestigious Nehru trophy Boat race that happens annually at Punnamada Lake (Kerala), the migrant Malayalee families of Canada started the “Canadian Nehru Trophy Brampton Boat Race”. 
Since 2018, Team Canadian Lions have been proudly participating in this event in both men and women categories. The teams have won several laurels in the competition. It is noteworthy that our Canadian Lioness team have won the 1st prize in 2019 boat race.

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Team Canadian Lions has deep roots in this great sport of Badminton. Ever since the beginning of the club, Team Canadian Lions has shown its strong presence in various Badminton competitions.  The team has bagged many championships every year and it is with no doubt one of the best teams within the Malayalee community.

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Team Canadian Lions is ever focused on giving their mind and body into paying this wonderful sport which is loved by most of the people around the globe. Be it any weather, the team is focused on excelling in this great sport by holding indoor and outdoor matches.



Team Canadian Lions have recently ventured into yet another great sport, volleyball, with prime focus on developing physical fitness and also participating in various competitions. With this idea the team has invested in a school gym to develop the skills needed for this excellent sport.

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Team Canadian Lions has its strong foot in this gentleman’s game. The team has developed strong players and has great potential to win matches in the coming seasons.

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